Thursday, May 28, 2009

3rd award!!!

Sarah, from JudySnowMosaics! Lovely, lovely, lovely. The lady and the blog.

Check out Sarah's newest blog post about the refinished antique dresser. If you enjoy vintage, you'll want to see it, as it is fabulous! Here is your award Judysnow!

2nd award goes to...

When you visit Jazzies blog, first off there are soothing, beautiful colors that are easy on the eyes.
One of the cute features that pops out at ya is Jazzies love for furry friends. Her adorable furballs are up and there is even a link that you can click on for free to donate food for animals. Yes, I researched the site and swiped the link for people on my blog. Put your award on your blog Jazzie!

First award for a lovely, lovely blog

The seasonal cottage aka Denise has one of the most fantastic tip filled blogs to read. Denise, you're first on my list! Just copy and save to put your award on your blog! Check out this fantastic blog. While you're there, be sure to follow the links to Denises incredible shops. Just be sure you have a napkin handy as you drool over her offerings.
This award sharing for awesome blogs is gonna be fun, but take me a bit. 14 more to go, feel free to share your blog with me. I'd love to look at them.

Blog award!

How fun is this! A pleasant surprise from . A lovely blog award. I'm on the hunt to pass it on to 15 other blogs. Post more in a bit.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First Camping trip 2009

Our first camping trip in the Rockies to open the camping season in May is always a delight. The high country peaks of the Sangre De Christos are snow capped and wildflowers are in bloom in the lower elevations of the Wet Mountains.

Fishing is good and training up a new generation of fishermen and women brings great joy to my husband sharing his love of the great outdoors. Our newest little two year old fisherman was excited with his new SpongeBob gear and happily beat the water with it until he discovered the joy of reeling in his line. Our fisherwoman granddaughter ran for her pole each time the water rippled to try her hand at fishing with a spinner.
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