Sunday, March 30, 2008

BlackStarBeads - the WOW factor

If you are looking for an incredible array of vintage and specialty beads, your search can start and end at BlackStarBeads. Katie, much loved Esst member known for quick and delightful wit, will also delight you with affordable beauty for your jewelry creations. Get to know the ever original BlackStar as she graciously answered the following questions.
You sell beautiful jewelry supplies, how long have you had this treasure trove?

I've been 'officially' collecting vintage beads for over ten years now, but I've always owned vintage baubles of some sort. I spent hours of my childhood playing with the jewels in my mom's jewelry box. I spend hours now playing with the beads in my bead boxes.

What is different about your supply shop than other bead suppliers?

I specialize in vintage glass beads. Many of the beads that are for sale in my shop have been in my collection for years. Because of this, a lot of them are no longer in circulation and their supply is limited. I'm always on the lookout for new beads to add to my collection. I keep in mind the season or specific holiday that is coming up and stock my store accordingly. Right now, it's Spring in Tennessee, so my shop is bursting with vintage blossoms. I do, however, have fall hues for those folks that are heading into the Autumn season.

Do you have a favorite type of beading you work with?

My favorite type of bead is glass. I especially like matte glass. It has the look and feel of beach glass; which I love dearly. As far as colors go, periwinkle is my favorite. You'll rarely see periwinkle beads for sale in my shop unless I have an overabundance of them.
You have another shop for jewelry,, would you like to share how you got started making your special designs?

My husband and I worked together. He's a licensed contractor. Long story short- he broke an ankle which put our jobs on hold for a while. I got a bead catalog in the mail, ordered some supplies, sold some jewelry, fell in love and the rest is history.

How has being a member of ESST benefited you?

This morning I woke up and logged onto Etsy. The forums were down and I was unable to post in our ongoing thread and say hi and see what everyone was up to. It was a sad moment. Who knew that joining a street team would bring me together with a group of women (I think we are all women) that are so different but have that one thing in common- our love for supplies and the work that we do? It's nice to be able to bounce ideas off each other and support each other. The exposure and the sales are nice, but it turns out that they aren't the most important things about being on this team. Thanks for letting me be a part of it.
To browse and purchase from Katie's bead shop visit and see her luscious jewelry creations at


LeaKarts said...

I love the story of you and your husband working together :) You have great beads Katie!

Artful Mosaic Supplies ~ Dana said... about eye candy! My bead addiction is getting out of hand.

Great interview and your beads are wonderful!

CarDon said...

Love, Katie!! One of our fabulous ESST members. Wonderful shop, always love the tulips:)