Saturday, March 8, 2008

Artful Mosaic Supplies - Love those mosaics!

ArtfulmosaicsbyDana has an exciting sister shop bringing you a wide assortment of beautiful mosaic supplies. Artfulmosaicsupplies has an astounding array of supplies that burst with color for your mosaic projects. Find out more about the artist in charge in the following interview:
Dana, could you sum up your supply shop in a couple of sentences for us?

My supply shop is a reflection of my many interests! I never could do just one thing so I sell a variety of items for mosaic artists including handcut plate tiles, handpainted mosaic tiles, handmade ceramic tiles, stained glass tiles, handmade glass gems, handmade mosaic bases and some commercial mosaic supplies.

What do you feel is different about your mosaic supplies than other shops?

I would have to say that the biggest difference between my shop and others may be the fact that I offer handmade kiln-fired clay tiles and handpainted ceramic and glass tiles. Most of my supplies are handmade. I seem to be all about handmade!

Do you use your supplies in your own products?

I do use my own supplies in my mosaic art. I have used my own tiles for many years because I enjoy using them and this also guarantees that the products that I offer for sale have been tested by me.

Do you have any upcoming surprises you would like us to watch for?

Everything that I do is always a surprise for me! It wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you but I’ll say that future plans involve a new line of handmade clay items and more handcut plate tiles.

How has ESST been of aid to you in your Etsy experience?

ESST has been a godsend! My Etsy experience has been enhanced by the friendly and helpful team members and leaders. This wonderful team has given me a real sense of community. My sales have definitely increased since joining this team. ESST is one of the best street teams on Etsy and I am very proud to be a member. Thank you team leaders and fellow teammates!
To look at and shop for Dana's mosaic beauties click here:
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Nicole R.J. said...

Great interview! Love the features you do Jazzie! :)

Anonymous said...

Isn't Kathi great? She does a wonderful job...this is my first blog feature!
~Dana :)

Anonymous said...

Super interview. I love mosaic art. I won an award for a mosaic I did in high school. I tried to get back into it but grrrrrout and I don't get along.

Katie said...

Great interview Dana.

Artful Mosaic Supplies ~ Dana said...

Katie/, now I'm confused! But I would guess the right name is Katie :)

All of the interviews on your blog are terrific and the photos...gorgeous!

Thanks for doing such a wonderful job :)