Friday, February 1, 2008

Common elements for all arts and crafts

Sometimes beleagured, sometimes maligned, always in demand... what would an art or crafter do without them? Have you ever needed that one basic supply to put the pop in your creation and been frustrated that it doesn't exist in your locality? Maybe what you desire isn't available at all by major producers and you need an innovative independent person to come up with it? Suppliers are the art and crafter's best friend.

Starting this month, you'll be able to find many great supply shops on Etsy by reading this blog. Content for the series is coming from a young street team, ESST, that has grown by leaps and bounds. While you're waiting for the blog spots, type in "esst" into your search tags on Etsy and begin to find all those needed elements to create your stunning masterpieces. Keep in tune with this blog and you may find that one item that you've had in your dreams for your next project.

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