Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Artsyhandpaints - Mosaics

ESST provides a bounty of wonderful supply shops to find exactly what you need to complete your projects. The featured shop today, Artsyhandpaints is a shop you can find beautifully rich hand painted mosaics to work with. A shop to drool over as your imagination will soar with these unique and lucious supplies.

Meet Artsy:

Artsy, could you sum up your supply shop in a couple of sentences for us?
I offer hand painted mosaic tiles in various shapes and sizes. Also in my shop are hand cut mosaic tiles. Many of my hand painted items can be used as magnets or for making jewelry.

What do you feel is different about your mosaic supplies than other shops?

I try to offer unique hand painted mosaic tiles that all mosaic artists can use. My hand painted tiles are colorful and whimsical.

Do you use your supplies in your own products?

I use my own hand painted tiles in my mosaic art. When I first starting make mosaics years ago I couldn't always find tiles that I wanted so I started painting my own.
To see Artsy's mosaic products, see

Do you have any upcoming surprises you would like us to watch for?

Over the next few weeks, I hope to add many more hand painted mosaic tile sets to my Etsy shop.

To view Artsyhandpaints complete line of supplies visit, Mark it as a favorite to be able to visit frequently and see what new beautiful mosaic supplies Kathleen has up next!

To find varied supplies of all types, place ESST in the search bar for tags on and be amazed. What does Artsy have to say about her team membership, "I love participating on the Etsy Supplies Street Team. Everyone is so supportive."

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Jewelry makers can shop in their jammies, from the comfort of home to purchase just about any supply they need just browsing through Etsy supply shops. Another fantastic shop to find those special supplies is RJBeads. RJ has a vast array of beautiful supplies in her shop. Meet RJ in the following interview:

You have such a wide variety of jewelry fixings, how did you become interested in selling supplies?

I imagine the same was as many supply sellers – I also make jewelry. My personal stash one day just got a bit overwhelming, especially since I’m always bringing in new supplies – so I thought why not try and sell some to make room for the new?

Is there any certain criteria for the supplies you provide in your shop?

Right now 98% of my shop is coming from my personal stash – some call it "destash." So at one point or another I’ve picked up that specific bead or finding, and thought "yeah, I could use this." I admit though, when buying my own supplies now, I do keep my eyes open for items I think will be a hit based on the trends you see on Etsy, something that I may not want for personal use but decide to pick up anyway.

Have you had the opportunity to use and test all the supplies you sell?

Absolutely! You can see that "testing" going on at my first shop:

In what way do you feel your supply shop stands out as special on Etsy?

Well I strive to offer quality supplies at great prices. I buy everything wholesale so I’m able to offer good pricing while still running my shop as a business. And I have a wide variety of items – something for everyone I like to say!

Esst is a fast moving streetteam, what do you feel are it's strengths?

I think you’ve just hit the nail on the head. It’s a fabulous team because it’s so fast moving. We get an idea and we go for it. We’re always doing something new and trying to get the whole team involved – it’s definitely not a clique atmosphere which is great. And considering how young of a team we are – we’ve done a lot since our inception. And of course, we have two fabulous team leaders who inspire us to participate.

Glass Bead Mixer - Jungle

To browse and shop from RJ's, visit

Sunday, February 3, 2008


First off in a series on ESST shops on Etsy has to be the driving force behind the Suppliers Street Team. Meet CarDonCreativeDesign and find out a bit about the Street Team as Carla shares a bit of background and about her shop in the following interview:

Carla, you are the creator of ESST, can you share why you started the team?

I felt there was a need for a Street Team to represent the Suppliers here on Etsy. Suppliers seem to be like candy, everyone wants you but, they keep telling you how bad you are.

The vast amount of networking on ESST in it's short life is phenomenal, how did you achieve that in such a short time?

I was very fortunate to find great people who were as motivated as I was to get a team together. Faro of Faro(her shop name) has been a great "Deputy" as I affectionately call her, she has wonderful skills and online experience to share.

You have a wonderful Esty shop, how did you become interested in selling supplies?

Well, jewelry is my first love. My Mother, Donna, the Don in Car-Don is a crafters crafter, she got me into the jewelry making and doing home parties. Online seemed a natural extension of that but, our stash got to be overwhelming and here we are. Now we search for supplies to share.

Is there any certain criteria for the supplies you provide in your shop?

Yes, I have to love them before I buy them. If I don't love an item, I have a hard time with the idea of trying to sell it.

Have you had the opportunity to use and test all the supplies you sell?

With over 900 items in my shop I wouldn't have time to list so, I settle with playing with them. I like to look at the item run my fingers over the stones, like you would if you were wearing it in a design. A lot of the finding are from our stash and have bought more because we like the quality if them.

In what way do you feel your supply shop stands out as special on Etsy?

Car-Don carries just about all the supplies you would need to complete a project. Mom and I try to have enough variety to do one stop shopping.

To visit and purchase from this amazing supply shop with it's large variety of sensational supplies for jewelry making, visit Carla at

Friday, February 1, 2008

Common elements for all arts and crafts

Sometimes beleagured, sometimes maligned, always in demand... what would an art or crafter do without them? Have you ever needed that one basic supply to put the pop in your creation and been frustrated that it doesn't exist in your locality? Maybe what you desire isn't available at all by major producers and you need an innovative independent person to come up with it? Suppliers are the art and crafter's best friend.

Starting this month, you'll be able to find many great supply shops on Etsy by reading this blog. Content for the series is coming from a young street team, ESST, that has grown by leaps and bounds. While you're waiting for the blog spots, type in "esst" into your search tags on Etsy and begin to find all those needed elements to create your stunning masterpieces. Keep in tune with this blog and you may find that one item that you've had in your dreams for your next project.