Sunday, September 9, 2007

EtsyScrappers - New Street Team

If you enjoy all things scrapbooking, there is a new street team on Etsy just for you. Meet AliV, the inspiration behind EtsyScrap. The pictures featured are from Ali's shop. To see these and more great products visit AliV at .

AliV, you were the go getter behind EtsyScrap, why did you decide to create a street team for scrapbookers?

I love scrapbook & I think on Etsy that scrapbookers get buried beneath all of the jewelry. So, I wanted all of us to have a voice and to be heard on Etsy.

What appeals to you about the genre of scrapbooking?

What appeals to me most about scrapbook is preserving of the sweetest memories.

I noticed you incorporate scrapbooking techniques into the frames in your shop, when did you begin branching out beyond the scrapbook page?

Frames were the first thing I did for my shop. I started making them as Christmas gifts for my family then decided to market them. I've been in to scrapbook since 1999, so I thought I loved my pages and albums and I put a few into my shop to help out with their memories book.

What are your plans in the future for EtsyScrap?

I would love for EtsyScrap to be a common name on Etsy with us having many sales and contests, our own etsy shop, and many active members. I would love to get every single seller on etsy, as a member of EtsyScrap.

If you would like more information about Etsyscrap or would like to join, follow the link on the right hand side of this page. You'll be welcome!


Deborah said...

A great interview! I love Ali's vision for our team!


Ali said...

Awesome work you done! I can't wait till EtsyScrap is one of the biggest street team on Etsy!!!!

Made by Melissa said...

Great interview. Ali's stuff is great, I've bought many things from her. Good luck to EtsyScrap!

Ali said...

So right after this was published, I sold the Kindergarten frame!!

Krazy Kate Designs said...

Great Ali! Not surprised, the frame is wonderful.

Can't believe I'm commenting on my own blog. But, Etsyscrap is something to be excited about!