Thursday, September 27, 2007

Catch the Goig!

What happens when a lot of creative people connect on a forum? A whole lot of fun. Here are a few people and their shops that frequent "goig" discussions. What's a goig, where did it come from? No one knows for sure. sshhhh! If you want to join a thread of supportive, caring, and downright funny people, catch the current goig on the Etsy forums, you will be welcomed! This feature is missing a lot of people that goig only because they didn't happen to be on the forums today when I asked permission to hawk their wares! I'll catch up with others again soon.

Lling2302 is the designer of the beautiful multicolored bracelet entitled "faith bracelet". Check out Lling's shop, she's a sweetie!

Next, meet Mudd! Mudd is an internationally acclaimed artist who has a variety of products in his shop, but is very well known for his unique and startling skateboard art. Visit Mudd's shop at

Tia from TiasTreasures is a mainstay in the goig thread. Well known for her beautiful jewelry and custom work, she also has adorable, dainty elves in her shop and is working on more for the holiday season. Visit Tia to purchase her wonderful work by clicking this link.

Find beautiful textiles and bibs in Yayabun's shop. There is a colorful peek on this page of Yaya's colorful flower bib. Visit the Yayabun shop at .

Featured before, but always fun is Jazzie from JazziesJunque Jazzie has the ever useful monopoly markers in this feature. To see more of her eclectic supplies, be sure to visit.

KeysandMemories has a shop to salivate over! The Alice in Wonderland bracelet is in Key's shop and you'll find a whole lot more you'll fall in love with.

Circleinthesand, aka "duckie" has another one of those shops that is filled with variety and fun to check into often to see what circle is working on next. Visit "duckie" at if you would like to purchase the halloween coaster set shown here!

We've met Blestbeads in the feature before this one, but Blest always deserves another mention! The Harvest Queen necklace is Blest's work and you can purchase it at for your own personal chase around the table.

The little ring of blue shown is from spectacular artist named Jo, from Route166artisans, a caring and lovely lady. Catch Jo and her talented families work featuring quality and beauty.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful Kate. I love all the choices. Great with the wording too. Where is your item? Great job.

WendiWinn said...

those are great items!

The Crafty-Girl™ said...

Kate...i apologize for the delay in response; i've been catching up on emails and messages after being out of the country for a few weeks! thanks so much for your very kind words about my book; creating it was a labor of love...enjoy the creative journey! hugs...kelly

maiko said...

tag! (check out my blog)

Mary Jane,,,yaya said...

Oh wow! Thank you so much for including my shop. You're a dear