Sunday, September 16, 2007

Blest, you betcha!

Witty, poetic, military wife, mother of four, dynamic, sweet, creative, patriot, homeschooler, skinny, funny, energetic, coffee addict, smart - all words add up to describing Etsy artisan BlestBeads. Get to know this perky dynamo better with this glimpse into Blest's answers to questions that enquiring minds wanted to know.

How long have you been making jewelry and why did you take up the art? I saw the cutest little necklace in a scrapbooking magazine made from a bamboo tile and transfer paper. I wanted to try that, so I tracked down the supplies and got to work! That was about four years ago. My early necklaces were rather pitiful, by the way. My best friend actually told me "Ummm I don't want one of those for Christmas" As I got going, I rediscovered my love for "rocks" and moved into buying quality stones. Plus I took several classes in beading and wirework... Now my friends LOVE getting my work for presents! ;-)

You have an overwhelming schedule in your life, what's your secret to your prolific making of beautiful jewelry?

Attention Deficit Disorder and a lot of coffee.Seriously, I'm very obsessive. Right now I'm totally hooked on making jewelry. On any given day, if I don't make something, I get really anxious. As far as my schedule, it's really not that bad. I do have a lot of little people underfoot, but I can bead in the midst of them and they think it's cool. My oldest son actually has his own little bead business, and I'm getting ready to teach him wireworking. Oh - and I don't watch television.

What is your favorite type of jewelry to make? Oooh. That's a tough one. Probably my freeform wire pieces are my favorites. But I love it all. I don't make anything that I wouldn't want to wear. And I don't do anything that I don't find fun.

Where does your inspiration for each piece come from? It varies. I'm not one of those artists who has a lot of meaning in her work. I make things because I think they look pretty, that's usually as deep as it gets. If there's a big focal involved- like a ceramic pendant- the inspiration comes from there. Or certain beads will insist they be paired with copper. ;-) (they do talk sometimes you know) Sometimes I give myself assignments like "How many pairs of earrings can I make in an hour?" Or other times it's "You MUST work with THESE beads today". Every once in a great while the inspiration will be a piece of music, or something I saw... But nine times out of ten I just sit down and start playing - and am surprised at where I end up.

Where is your business going from here? Right now it seems to be on a good upswing. I think I'm doing well here on etsy. And my work is in a local salon. Plus a new jewelry boutique is opening in a very good location and the owner has agreed to sell my work. I'm a little scared actually - I'm not a planner -so to turn out to be successful at this will be a bit shocking and require me to start some much better record keeping! But I certainly like the idea!

To find out more about Blest and view her entire line of products, click here or visit the Etsy forums where Blest is a frequent contributor.


WendiWinn said...

what a great feature! i've visited blest's etsy shop and it's gorgeous. and i love that paisley pendant necklace. (i've got a couple from redcrowarts, too). :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful interview, wonderful interviewer and wonderful interviewee. Blest rocks!

blest said...

Mom??? Is that you? ;-)

Thanks again Kate!! What a wonderfully kind and encouraging thing you're doing here!

Stephine said...

I have to admit I'm a huge fan! I'm the proud owner of several pieces and would love to have more. :) Great interview!

Anonymous said...

Must admit that I own a couple (and one more soon) and absolutely am in love. Blest has turned me on to jewlery!

Anonymous said...

What a joy to read about ths talented artist and seeing her beautiful work. Great job and thank you.