Monday, August 20, 2007

JaredKS, beautiful photography

Take a stroll in JaredKS Etsy shop and you will walk through a virtual wonderland of natural beauty. The photography in this shop will astound you with it's crisp, clean lines catching detail that excites through the startling use of natural light conditions contrasting the beautiful elements of nature that would normally be unnoticed to the untrained eye. Find out more about the person behind the beauty as Jared shares:

How did you get your start in photography?My mom put a camera in my hands when I was eight, gave me some constructive criticism on my first set of prints, and I've gone from there. I've never taken any classes - just years of trial and error.

Where do you get your inspiration for your shots?I'm inspired by beauty. I tend to see beauty in natural things, and sometimes in spots that don't necessarily jump out as natural, I'll look to find the natural beauty that's there. I'm constantly inspired by life, light, and the spiritual energy that surrounds everything.

What do you feel is special about your work and sets it aside from other photographers?I don't have a great answer for this one. I figure I see things in my own way and that my works reflects how I see things, but I'm just not sure. A wonderful artist once commented that one of my photographs had caused her to look at the subject in a way that would never have occured to her, and that was about the biggest compliment I could ever receive.

Do you have any one piece of work that defines who you are as an artist?
The one that epitomizes what I'm trying to do for me is Windblown Grass - - even though it isn't anywhere near my most popular photograph. For me, it captures a lot of motion, energy and feeling, and I just love it.

Where do you see yourself going from here?
I fantasize about being a full-time artist. I have been far more successful on Etsy that I expected, so I have my hopes up for making art a full-time job. Not just yet.
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monica yvette said...

These are beautiful photographs.

Sweet Spice said...

I absolutely love Jareds work!!!!

ZudaGay said...

Beautiful photos! Thanks for visiting my blog! Your blog is great! I love reading your interviews.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Oooh, Jared has such an eye for nature's beauty. Wonderful!
Smiles, Karen

Anonymous said...

I have some of Jared's photos. They're outstanding!

'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

Thank you! Your photos are beautiful!