Sunday, July 29, 2007

Meet CynContemporary

What do you get when you cross a little bit of Mexico, Italy, and the United States? Exciting designer, CynContemporary! Meet Cyn as she shares her thoughts with us ...

Where do you get your inspiration for your work?
Anywhere that has some color!!, from fabrics, from Japanese books also I love vintage shop notions because I can find so many ideas there. I think is on of my most important inspiration.

What is your favorite medium?
Fabrics, with fabrics I can create so many things, not just only bags, flowers, pins, clothes, etc.

What do you feel is special about your art and sets it aside from other artists?
I start to work with felt and combining with my graphic design, I can create flowers, silhouettes, even letters, people love to see something different so if I combine my passion for colors with felt I can create great pieces.

Do you have any one piece of work that defines who you are as an artist?
Yes, I love all the ways of art and time ago I start to create but with metal, making embossing there I realise that I really like to create things, here is my first piece.

Where do you see yourself going from here?
I would love to have my own studio and create more bags, my life is divided on two one is in USA and one is in Italy I want to establish in one please and start my own business creating more bags.

You can view a sampler of CynContemporary's work by following this link:
Purchase items and see more at

Monday, July 23, 2007

My favorite Frankie Kins

Do you have that one special person that you've admired for years and been inspired as you watch the person evolve in their artistic career? Frankie Kins, also known as Blue Moon Studio and One Eye Open is that special artist for me. She is a great friend and it never ceases to fascinate me as I see snippets of her most inner self in each of her works. She's versatile in many different mediums and shares her knowledge with a freedom that is rare. The picture to the left, "Not Allowed", captures the essence of childhood freedom with a sense of abandon. To me, it is vintage Frankie Kins with her unique sense of nostalgia blending with her heart. To the right, "Phlox and Lavender" captures to a tee her deep enjoyment of beauty that she never takes for granted and enjoys to the fullest.

Meet the artist in the following candid interview she graciously consented to.

Where do you get your inspiration for your work? I'm a very visual person, and so as not to state the obvious, I get inspiration for my work from things I see. Let me explain. I love looking at books and magazines. I enjoy looking at art sites on the Internet (what I call eye candy). Looking at work that other people have done often jump starts my creativity. Sometimes it seems I run out of places to look for inspiration, and when that happens, I usually hit a dry spell. When that happens, a trip to a funky gift boutique or to Anthropologie can get me back on the creative path.

What is your favorite medium? Photography, especially alternative processes. Second in line would be digital photo montage/mixed media collage.

What do you feel is special about your art? Aside from its aesthetic quality, I feel that most of my art portrays a nostalgic and bittersweet moment in time. There is so much art available these days, so very much from which to chose. I attempt to create what I would love to hang on the walls in my own home.

Do you have any one piece of art that defines who you are as an artist? That's a tough question; I would have to say that it's the last piece I made. Right now, that would be "Not Allowed". This piece really pushed some limits I had placed on myself prior to that shoot. I like the simple beauty of it and the anonymity of the subject. I tend to love the last thing I have worked on the best.

Where do you see yourself going from here? I do have some dreams when it comes to my work. Someday, I hope for one of my pieces to be chosen for a book jacket. I also have plans to submit my work to stock photography sites. Using ball jointed dolls as models is in my very near future plans as well.

If you would like to see more or purchase Frankie's work, please check OneEyeOpen for more of her beautiful photography and photo montage

and for paper arts, check BlueMoonStudio at

Thanks Frankie!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Have you ever

saw a tool that got you so excited that you just really, really wanted it! I have now two days in a row. The first was in an ad my husband was reading me. It was the most incredible wood crafting tool I'd ever heard of. I want it. :) When I told my husband, he laughed as if I was joking. I wasn't (why do they laugh?). The sticky part is that it will cost over $1800.00. So, I probably won't get it any time soon. Then today, I was browsing the forums on Etsy and saw the most wonderful product. Here's the link:

I saw a tutorial for paper making that a wonderfully gifted artist on Etsy by the name of Sparklerama had put together. Here's the link for the tutorial so that you can learn too! The tutorial got me all excited because I'd always been interested in learning the skill, but didn't really get it. The way it's taught on the tutorial, I actually understand it! Not an easy feat and kudos to Sparklerama. I was tinkering with the idea of getting out to the shop to make the screens I'd decided to use. Now, I don't have to and I get all the goodies with the kit too! I ordered it pronto.

TuomiHomeCreations is a Canadian business that is well known for beautiful mosaics and mosaic supplies, and I am thrilled that she is now offering these kits for home paper making. She told me that she learned the art of paper making when she was real little from her grandmother. She'll make them in any size that you request and sends the cd to teach you what you need to know and a paper that she developed on the history of paper making too. If you get as excited about great opportunities to learn something new and want to try papermaking, here's her link so you can purchase a kit too:

Hand made paper is beautiful and incredible in texture and I can't wait to play! Special thanks to Sparklerama and TuomiHomeCreations for their gracious agreement to allow use of their information in this blog.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Saving children, one card at a time

I was just reading forums on Etsy and saw this post about selling cards one at a time to raise money for children in africa and wanted to share the link. You can check it out here:

Pretty neat!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Do Not Disturb

You just never know what's going to happen to you when you fall asleep in a big sister's room!