Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Why I'm Krazy Kate

My grand daughter asked me to share the origin of my shop name, I think it embarrasses her! One of my little brothers was confused too, wondering who this Krazy Kate is! So, here tis. I was bouncing around names with my good friend Frankie, trying to figure out what would work, be different, and have quick recognition for the new etsy store. She asked if I had ever had any nicknames. The only one I could think of wasn't something I wanted to use because it was something my Dad called me on occasion when I was little and was, "kissy Kate". Would have been kind of silly sounding. She started coming up with great alliteration on words that could work with Kate. Krazy was decided on because I do have a tendency to be a little different (and that's fine with me because that is how God works in my life). My real name is Kathleen and I go by Kathi. Now, my grand daughter should be pleased!

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