Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ho Ho Ho

Got my youngest son to give a quick pose with his Bronco Santa Hat! He's having fun. Merry Christmas Everyone!

Quilting fun

Well, maybe not always fun! Quilts made for Christmas.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Need adorable wooden charms? A visit to Xangetsu will not only supply your need, but add a smile to your face with adorable little bead doll charms! To visit, click here!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Pictures that appeal make wonderful gifts and here is a shop that fits the bill. For the beautiful and unusual in fine art prints, visit oneeyeopen. Printed on quality paper from her professional printer, Oneeyes prints will make a lovely addition to any wall space! Click here to visit

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


One normally associates Lling2303's Etsy shop with sweet, delicate jewelry, but this formidable artisan is branching out! Lling has listings for petite Blythe clothes, tags, and crocheted items too. Well known for quality customer service, a visit to Lling will round out your holiday shopping needs. Check out Lling2303 at

Monday, November 19, 2007


Always a favorite, blestbeads has an Etsy shop to wow the senses. Explosive use of color and design make Blest's work a visual treat to behold and reflects her personality to a tee. When you need jewelry that makes a bold statement, a visit to blestbeads is your first stop shopping.

Friday, November 16, 2007


Threadfed has an Etsy shop that will delight you in your quest for unusual, color filled, lightweight earrings for the special lady on your holiday shopping list this year. Unique beauty is Threadfed's speciality with finely embroidered products. To shop at Threadfed's, click here

Monday, November 12, 2007


Know any babies? Pop into LadybugsDesigns where the hot stuff is in the shop and not in your lap for a well rounded supply of infant and layette items. Ladybugs has a shop full of practical and necessary items for the little ones in your life. To shop, click here:

Friday, November 9, 2007


If you're looking for warm and stylish crotcheted accessories for the upcoming cold season, you won't be able to resist DawnofCreation. Dawn currently has her beautiful freeform creations on clearance! Stock up for Christmas savings! Visit Dawn at

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Lovely inside and out, PamperingBeki has a shop that is overflowing with wonderful accessories for hair and jewelry that is well worth strolling through for a Christmas shopping extravaganza. Check out her Etsy shop at . Visit Beki's beautiful blog at to see what giveaways she may be working on or to get a peek of sunshine!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Glassgypsy is a shop filled with stunning hand made glass beads. Jim, the artisan, risks life and limb working with hot molten liquid to bring his customers the finest in beautiful products. Well, that may be stretching it a bit, but it's hot work for a hot product! To purchase from the glassgypsy's incredible product line, click here.

Monday, November 5, 2007


DanceSippyDance has been popping in and out of goig threads since the beginning. Sippy being the sweetheart she is, didn't even get upset with all my typos calling her Dippy. Known for a wonderful sense of humor and intensely creative work, catch Sippy's creations at . You can find your own one of a kind piece of art for yourself or gift giving!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Rip Mender!

For a shop filled with wonderful fabric creations, go check out TheRipMender! Rip has everything from children to adult fashions in her colorful shop. A must stop for Christmas shopping! To see this fun shop click here!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

A goig shop a day!

In celebration of the "goig" thread anniversary date, I'll place a goiger a day on my blog. What's a goiger? It started out as a thread on the Etsy forums to joke around about thread killing, but the word "going" in the title was misspelled. The typo stuck and several threads later a bunch of people that like to have fun and are very supportive of each other began "goiging". Goigers frequently have goig treasuries, goig promos, and a goiging good time. Anyone is welcome to jump in and take part, you'll know the thread because it will start with "goig".
Today's featured goiger, Circleinthesand also known as Ducky or Duckie has a great shop filled with a variety of products. If you need that something extra special in your Christmas crafts this year, check Duckie's shop first!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

A couple of snapshots of the grandkids this evening!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Etsyscrap Contest

Jump on over to the thread on Etsy that has a fun scavenger hunt contest going on! Until October 30, hunt for the Etsyscrap pumpkin in the listed shops. Write down the listing and shop that you find each pumpkin in and send the list to AliV for a chance to win a pack of fun scrapbooking supplies. Winner will be announced on Oct. 31!
Click here for the list of shops to hunt in -
Good luck to all!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Feral Glass, Incredible!

While blog hopping last month, I received a startling surprise. Feral Glass, the subject of this weeks feature, knocked my socks off. Unique and inspired, this glass artist has a veritable feast for the eyes. Be sure to follow the links provided in the interview for an extra treat!
How did you get started in glass sculpting? I started making Garden Glass for my own pleasure and to give as gifts. I have great sun here in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and I wanted to make the most of it. While my flowers were asleep, I figured sheets of colored glass would add some interest. And then one thing led to another. If you want some details on my early experiments, see my blog on Glass Kites or on my outdoor hanging panels

Where you get your ideas for your creations? I get inspired by shapes I see or ideas I have. I have done series based on geographic places (one series focused on Francis Drake's voyage around Cape Horn, one series was inspired by the exploration of the Nile). And I also base them on flowers or other plants that I have seen in my travels. At other times it is pure whimsey. Like my garden punctuation marks... I just noticed that most gardens are not well puncuated... just a bunch of run-on plantings. So I created accent pieces, as it were.

Do you have a piece in your shop that is your favorite? I have created some pieces which were very special to me. It was a real lesson in the "business of art" when I had to face selling my favorite "children". I usually give my very favorite pieces away as gifts to friends. Of the pieces which I still have, I like Gravity Games and Homage to Absinthe.

Glass is such a fragile medium, does it take quite a few pieces to get it right? Glass can be fragile, but it can also be pretty tough stuff. Stained glass is twice as thick as regular window glass, and a lot more shatter-proof. Even dropping a piece on a cement patio usually results in minor chipping on the impact edge. Amazing, really. It has to do with the annealing, or slow cool-down period, when they make the glass. Some of the easiest glass to work with comes from Wissmach Glass in West Virgina. I drive over there a few times a year just to get re-supplied. Their glass cuts like butter. Some other glass is much less well behaved, and often shatters in unwanted directions. The price of the glass is no indicator of how well it will cut. Getting the right direction in the "grain" of the glass is important in some designs, such as the two favorites I listed above. I did a large panel of a Civil War field artillary piece (cannon) for a reenactor friend. Making the thin spokes on the wheels (and the even thinner dark gray shadows of the far wheel's spokes) was the time I had to make many, many attempts before getting them all right. But novices may be pleasantly surprised by how well-behaved most glass is, and how rarely you get cut. Getting the solder to behave well is actually more of a challenge.

What are your future plans and what other venues can we find your art? I am taking this one step at a time. This year I will do a Spring and a Fall outdoor festival, plus a Christmas sale at my local art center. Next year I hope to be juried into two larger prestigious shows, as well. I have some grand plans for large outdoor installations, including a 200 hundred tube version of my Five Tubes sculpture. I also want to take a class in welding and brazing, get a cutting torch, and make some larger outdoor glass and brass sculptures. Stay tuned
Check out Feralglass on Etsy to purchase this extraordinary work.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Catch the Goig!

What happens when a lot of creative people connect on a forum? A whole lot of fun. Here are a few people and their shops that frequent "goig" discussions. What's a goig, where did it come from? No one knows for sure. sshhhh! If you want to join a thread of supportive, caring, and downright funny people, catch the current goig on the Etsy forums, you will be welcomed! This feature is missing a lot of people that goig only because they didn't happen to be on the forums today when I asked permission to hawk their wares! I'll catch up with others again soon.

Lling2302 is the designer of the beautiful multicolored bracelet entitled "faith bracelet". Check out Lling's shop, she's a sweetie!

Next, meet Mudd! Mudd is an internationally acclaimed artist who has a variety of products in his shop, but is very well known for his unique and startling skateboard art. Visit Mudd's shop at

Tia from TiasTreasures is a mainstay in the goig thread. Well known for her beautiful jewelry and custom work, she also has adorable, dainty elves in her shop and is working on more for the holiday season. Visit Tia to purchase her wonderful work by clicking this link.

Find beautiful textiles and bibs in Yayabun's shop. There is a colorful peek on this page of Yaya's colorful flower bib. Visit the Yayabun shop at .

Featured before, but always fun is Jazzie from JazziesJunque Jazzie has the ever useful monopoly markers in this feature. To see more of her eclectic supplies, be sure to visit.

KeysandMemories has a shop to salivate over! The Alice in Wonderland bracelet is in Key's shop and you'll find a whole lot more you'll fall in love with.

Circleinthesand, aka "duckie" has another one of those shops that is filled with variety and fun to check into often to see what circle is working on next. Visit "duckie" at if you would like to purchase the halloween coaster set shown here!

We've met Blestbeads in the feature before this one, but Blest always deserves another mention! The Harvest Queen necklace is Blest's work and you can purchase it at for your own personal chase around the table.

The little ring of blue shown is from spectacular artist named Jo, from Route166artisans, a caring and lovely lady. Catch Jo and her talented families work featuring quality and beauty.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Blest, you betcha!

Witty, poetic, military wife, mother of four, dynamic, sweet, creative, patriot, homeschooler, skinny, funny, energetic, coffee addict, smart - all words add up to describing Etsy artisan BlestBeads. Get to know this perky dynamo better with this glimpse into Blest's answers to questions that enquiring minds wanted to know.

How long have you been making jewelry and why did you take up the art? I saw the cutest little necklace in a scrapbooking magazine made from a bamboo tile and transfer paper. I wanted to try that, so I tracked down the supplies and got to work! That was about four years ago. My early necklaces were rather pitiful, by the way. My best friend actually told me "Ummm I don't want one of those for Christmas" As I got going, I rediscovered my love for "rocks" and moved into buying quality stones. Plus I took several classes in beading and wirework... Now my friends LOVE getting my work for presents! ;-)

You have an overwhelming schedule in your life, what's your secret to your prolific making of beautiful jewelry?

Attention Deficit Disorder and a lot of coffee.Seriously, I'm very obsessive. Right now I'm totally hooked on making jewelry. On any given day, if I don't make something, I get really anxious. As far as my schedule, it's really not that bad. I do have a lot of little people underfoot, but I can bead in the midst of them and they think it's cool. My oldest son actually has his own little bead business, and I'm getting ready to teach him wireworking. Oh - and I don't watch television.

What is your favorite type of jewelry to make? Oooh. That's a tough one. Probably my freeform wire pieces are my favorites. But I love it all. I don't make anything that I wouldn't want to wear. And I don't do anything that I don't find fun.

Where does your inspiration for each piece come from? It varies. I'm not one of those artists who has a lot of meaning in her work. I make things because I think they look pretty, that's usually as deep as it gets. If there's a big focal involved- like a ceramic pendant- the inspiration comes from there. Or certain beads will insist they be paired with copper. ;-) (they do talk sometimes you know) Sometimes I give myself assignments like "How many pairs of earrings can I make in an hour?" Or other times it's "You MUST work with THESE beads today". Every once in a great while the inspiration will be a piece of music, or something I saw... But nine times out of ten I just sit down and start playing - and am surprised at where I end up.

Where is your business going from here? Right now it seems to be on a good upswing. I think I'm doing well here on etsy. And my work is in a local salon. Plus a new jewelry boutique is opening in a very good location and the owner has agreed to sell my work. I'm a little scared actually - I'm not a planner -so to turn out to be successful at this will be a bit shocking and require me to start some much better record keeping! But I certainly like the idea!

To find out more about Blest and view her entire line of products, click here or visit the Etsy forums where Blest is a frequent contributor.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

EtsyScrappers - New Street Team

If you enjoy all things scrapbooking, there is a new street team on Etsy just for you. Meet AliV, the inspiration behind EtsyScrap. The pictures featured are from Ali's shop. To see these and more great products visit AliV at .

AliV, you were the go getter behind EtsyScrap, why did you decide to create a street team for scrapbookers?

I love scrapbook & I think on Etsy that scrapbookers get buried beneath all of the jewelry. So, I wanted all of us to have a voice and to be heard on Etsy.

What appeals to you about the genre of scrapbooking?

What appeals to me most about scrapbook is preserving of the sweetest memories.

I noticed you incorporate scrapbooking techniques into the frames in your shop, when did you begin branching out beyond the scrapbook page?

Frames were the first thing I did for my shop. I started making them as Christmas gifts for my family then decided to market them. I've been in to scrapbook since 1999, so I thought I loved my pages and albums and I put a few into my shop to help out with their memories book.

What are your plans in the future for EtsyScrap?

I would love for EtsyScrap to be a common name on Etsy with us having many sales and contests, our own etsy shop, and many active members. I would love to get every single seller on etsy, as a member of EtsyScrap.

If you would like more information about Etsyscrap or would like to join, follow the link on the right hand side of this page. You'll be welcome!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Paper, paper, paper

My planned feature this week has been postponed, but hopefully will get it in a future blog. Here are some pic's of what I've been playing with for KrazyKateDesigns.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Meet mkendall

A visit at Etsy's mkendall shop is to have a visual treat to stimulate your own creativity. There is a depth in this collection that will trigger impulses to create beauty wherever you are. Purchase some of these beautiful treasures and hang them in your studio for those days that you need a mental boost. mkendall delivers a colorful, unique perspective that seems to leap from the photographer's vital energy while at the same moment calming and soothing the viewer, invigorating and relaxing. The following interview takes us a little closer to where this creative endeavor starts.
How did you get your start in photography? I have always loved taking pictures, but I think my passion for photography really developed when I was about 15. My brother was in several bands and I would always go and take pictures of them performing. It really taught how to deal with movement and light.

Where do you get your inspiration for your shots? My inspiration comes from a variety of things. I love to capture everyday objects such as lightbulbs and typewriters, in new ways. I am also very fascinated with natural light whether it be from the sun outside or simply a lamp that is place in the room. That is why I never use a flash. I try not to create set up vignettes or false settings. I like to capture things as they happen naturally.

What do you feel is special about your work and sets it aside from other photographers? My most recent work I've began layering my images on top of each other creating collage style pieces. I used a lot of transparencies in my paintings when I was younger. I love the idea of overlaying images that are totally unrelated, such as a typewriter and a flower. Sometimes, I take shots for specific pieces when I have a set idea in mind. Others, I browse through my library of photos and just see what I come up with. I like the idea of taking basic photography to an almost painterly level.

Do you have any one piece of work that defines who you are as an artist? That's a tough one. I don't think I really have one yet. I have worked in many different mediums from collage to painting to sewing and photography, even founds objects. It would be difficult to include them all in one piece.

Where do you see yourself going from here? I would love to go back to incorporating painting into my work. I got in sort of a rut and photography kind of took over as my solo creative outlet for the past year. I have an idea in my mind how I would like to approach both mediums together. It's just a matter of time before I get there. I find pleasure in exploring new media and will definitely continue to do so.
Wishing you all the best mkendall!

Monday, August 20, 2007

JaredKS, beautiful photography

Take a stroll in JaredKS Etsy shop and you will walk through a virtual wonderland of natural beauty. The photography in this shop will astound you with it's crisp, clean lines catching detail that excites through the startling use of natural light conditions contrasting the beautiful elements of nature that would normally be unnoticed to the untrained eye. Find out more about the person behind the beauty as Jared shares:

How did you get your start in photography?My mom put a camera in my hands when I was eight, gave me some constructive criticism on my first set of prints, and I've gone from there. I've never taken any classes - just years of trial and error.

Where do you get your inspiration for your shots?I'm inspired by beauty. I tend to see beauty in natural things, and sometimes in spots that don't necessarily jump out as natural, I'll look to find the natural beauty that's there. I'm constantly inspired by life, light, and the spiritual energy that surrounds everything.

What do you feel is special about your work and sets it aside from other photographers?I don't have a great answer for this one. I figure I see things in my own way and that my works reflects how I see things, but I'm just not sure. A wonderful artist once commented that one of my photographs had caused her to look at the subject in a way that would never have occured to her, and that was about the biggest compliment I could ever receive.

Do you have any one piece of work that defines who you are as an artist?
The one that epitomizes what I'm trying to do for me is Windblown Grass - - even though it isn't anywhere near my most popular photograph. For me, it captures a lot of motion, energy and feeling, and I just love it.

Where do you see yourself going from here?
I fantasize about being a full-time artist. I have been far more successful on Etsy that I expected, so I have my hopes up for making art a full-time job. Not just yet.
To view and purchase Jared's special brand of photography, visit

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Romance, nostalgia, grace....

Passion, romance and exquisite design are a hallmark at Delicate Designs by DD. Each jewelry piece of DD's exudes an aroma of delicious charm that will satisfy the most demanding palate. Join with me in a brief chat with DD.

Where do you get your inspiration for your work?
At first, I was inspired by the love I have had all my life with vintage costume jewelry. My two Great Aunts, Laura Belle & Myrte, would encourage my rummaging into their jewelry drawers. I ended up inheriting all their jewels. I was young and would lose items but I never threw anything away. I guess I knew I would use them someday, somehow. Secondly, I always wanted to be an artist. I remember in High School art class I struggled with painting. I wanted to paint so bad but I had no talent! I could do abstracts out of water colors, so for years I called myself an "abstract artist." It never satisfied because I really wasn't good at that either!When I first started my pins I was also in the process of becoming a Christian. The transformation that was occurring in my heart and the gift of creating with my hands came together beautifully. So my inspiration these days is that I never take for granted the gift of art that God has given me with the things I love. The solace and therapy of taking a pile of jewelry and asking God to create through me always inspires and always satisfies.

What do you feel is special about your art and sets it aside from other artists?
It is very nostalgic for people. People always reminisce about their Grandma or other relatives that wore costume jewelry. It takes them back...I am set apart from others because while many craft jewelry collages, mine are tiny works of art. Always balancing colors, shapes & themes. It is a completely self taught process over the last 15 years. One that I am passionate about and constantly improving. My standards are high and only I know when a piece is finished.

Do you have any one piece of work that defines who you are as an artist?
It would have to be my first pin. It is made entirely of my Great Aunts jewelry. It even has a locket picture of one of them. Sorry, I don't have a picture...

Where do you see yourself going from here?
My art is just that. My art. It satisfies the artist within. I hope I will always be able to create and grow. I have never been motivated by money. If people just want to look, that is humbling. If they end up in my Great-Granddaughter's dress up trunk, that is fine by me. Whatever God's will for them, will be. Meanwhile, He has given me this gift freely and I freely give it back.

Visit DelicateDesignsbyDD for a full array of beautiful products and find your special piece of jewelry to enhance your wardrobe for the upcoming festive season.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Supplies, Supplies, Supplies

What to do when you can't locate that one unique item that you're desiring to finish your latest creation? Not to worry, there is a new supply shop on Etsy that may come to your rescue. Catering to the collage, altered, assemblage, and mixed media artists, JazziesJunque provides an unusual array of supplies. To see more of the eclectic assortment that Jazzie has compiled for your pleasure, check .